I am in Otford today. Im having lunch in the Hospice Cafe. They do a Ploughman’s platter, and I love a good Ploughman.

Did a couple of libraries in the area, its taking about an hr and a half per PC, simply because we are hanging about waiting for the software to appear and install before we can configure to and go when the user is happy.

Fishing tonight. New game pre-release early access privilege – “Fishing Sim World”. I actually played it at Midnight last night (this morning?). Quite good. Controls are a bit twitchy. Caught a good first fish.!

Looking forward to multi-playing this bad boy with one of my besties – The CodMyster. I’ll text him this image in a sec (it’ll make him sic).

Oh, Lunch has arrived. Looks good 👌🏻

I’ll post this now and eat me lunch. Toodle-pip.!