I got these jeans from Jacamo. They are meant to be my size. They are bloody huge.! I guess I’m a slim Jacamo but a very fat ASDA.

A quick phonecall to customer support and they were more than helpfull.! They ordered me a new set, about 2 sizes smaller, and will pick up these ones at the weekend.

Been an interesting day today. Ended up in New Ash Green. Not visited that area in years. Nothings changed, still looks like you’ve blasted back into the 80’s.

Had lunch whilst I was there. It was ok. The girl behind the counter charged me £7.80, when I handed her a £10, she gave me £7.80 change. Good job I’m honest.

I need to fix my PC. I think the old GPU is on its way out. Thats going to be a pain, because the price of GPU’s have rocketed thanks to those twats farming shitcoins. Really ruined the market for us “honest” gamers.

I need a better job first though. Had a sort of interview on Wednesday. I think it went ok. Seem like a nice bunch of people. Gotta start at the bottom again, but thats the price of proving your worth, I guess. I’ll get there.! My plan is to be a cloud engineer, and/or a team leader – I believe I’m perfectly capable of doing it too, I just need that support of a company willing to give me a go.

Did a spot of Fishing on Euro Fishing this evening. Got the worst possible achievement –

Was Fishing at “The Moat” and I was fighting this fish for about 15min… Then the damn line broke.! Must have been a massive fish, because I was using a 30lb break line. Then the above achievement appeared 🤔

Bloody Boss Fish.!

Anyhoo – I’m Off to bed soon..! NN.!