Today I woke up a bit shitty… well, yesterday actually, but felt worse today. Hopefully its peeked.

We took a day trip to Norwich to see Lolly’s sister. We had lunch at Ed’s, it was tasty.! ‘yEr had chicken Curry baby food. She seemed to like it.

When we got home we bottled and put her in bed, then lolly watched TV whilst I got testing the new patch for Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem.

This is my character, is my lvl15 Lightning Mage “CrazyFool”

For those who don’t know, the games a bit like diablo, but on speed. Its rather good. I’m looking forward to the “apocalyptic form” ability/skill that is due out in the beta soon.

Anyhow… It’s now bed time. I just spent 3hrs grinding away at one of the bosses and I’m a bit knackered now.

#NightNight #Stalkers.!

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