Just outside waiting for the sandwich van… and the snow.?

Its been forecast, but I don’t see it. Its nice a sunny here.

Payday tomorrow (I hope). Need to get that boiler looked at.

Been building forms at work. Interesting but painfully slow.

Just had a nice chat with a couple of French Pilots. Nice guys.

This sandwich van is late. I saw her drive past about 15min ago, I thought she was co… oh she just arrived.

Ham and pickle. Yum.

My new chair has arrived, its going straight to another colleague because its “The Object which must not be seen” (in the voice of Dobby) – and I’m going to be getting his chair instead.

He’s trying to put it together now. It’s to painful to watch.

Still no snow yet.

Takeaway Tuesday today, but We’ll probably give it a miss. I am skint. We’ll have Takeaway Thursday instead.